Trackimo® 2G Universal Copter Bundle

Trackimo® 2G  Universal Copter Bundle
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This version of the Trackimo Universal is the allrounder in 2G technology for a variety of purposes such as locating mobile valuables, vehicles, pets or family members.
Localisation takes place via the Global Positioning System and mobile networks.
The positioning data is transmitted via mobile networks on a worldwide basis (with the exception of Japan and South Korea).
The purchase price includes the data service for the first year following activation, and there are no roaming charges or other costs.
With the built-in SIM card, worldwide coverage is included in the first year (radio standard: GSM, but not in Japan or South Korea). The free Android and iOS app enables you to access the device while on the move. A user account allows you to manage multiple devices. In an emergency, friends and acquaintances can be invited to join a search.
The Trackimo Universal keeps you informed at all times about the current position of mobile valuables, vehicles, pets or family members in need of help.

Areas of application:
Tracking stolen cars
Localisation of children, pets or elderly relatives
Locating missing family members
Tracking and recovering lost luggage or shipments
Helping family members in distress

Attributes and functions:
Includes 12 months mobile service
No mobile phone contract required
SOS button
Two configurable buttons for different messages
Worldwide reception (except for Japan and Korea)
History accessible for the previous 365 days
Notification of low battery level, speed alarm and geofences

The Attachment Kit is made up of special, industrial-quality Velcro fasteners.

The kit fits to 95% of drone types and weighs only 1 gram in comparison to 10-20 grams for plastic holders.

SIM card type EM
colour silver/black
Battery capacity up to 3 days
Wifi/Bluetooth Wifi/Bluetooth
Service 1 year inclusive
Speaker option Micro
Weight 42 g
Measurements 47x40x17mm 14x11.3x3.2cm

Scope of delivery:
Trackimo® Universal 2G
Micro-USB charger cable
Battery cover with belt clip
Battery cover with Velcro and magnet
Vehicle connection kit
Silicon cover
Hand strap
Start-up instructions

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Characteristics and benefits


Messages via text, email or app if the location of the GPS tracker changes or if pre-set speed limits are exceeded.

Worldwide localisation

Trackimo™ can be localised via the internet or the free-of-charge app wherever there is mobile reception.

SOS button

Whenever the SOS button is pressed, the actual positioning is immediately displayed in the app and sent by email or text message to the pre-registered addresses or numbers.

Data protection

All tracking information contained in the device is protected by a freely selectable password and is accessible via email.

Cost efficiency

Trackimo™ GPS/GSM trackers are equipped with a SIM card. The first year’s subscription is included in the purchase price, after which annual renewals cost … €. There are no additional costs.

Real-time tracking 365/24

Our GPS-GSM trackers always determine the actual position. The complete tracking history can be displayed for 1 year going forward.