Trackimo® Mini GPS helps you find your pet whenever it loses its way.

One in three free-roaming pets gets lost at some time or other. In 10% of these cases, the animal is never found again, which can be a nerve-wracking experience for the animal and for its owner. If one is lucky, the pet will find its own way home, but sometimes an intensive search is needed to reunite the owner with his beloved pet. With the Trackimo Mini you don’t leave anything to chance, because you can always see where your pet is.


Find your pet animal – anywhere in the world

Make sure you always know where your pet is. The Trackimo works in real time - worldwide. Microchips only work at certain intervals, much like scanners in grocery stores, but trackers work everywhere, provided GPS signals and internet services are available - so that you can safely take your pet on holiday.


Safe Zone warnings

Define a safe zone by erecting a virtual “fence” and receive notifications when your pet leaves the virtual boundary you have created.


Live GPS tracking map

Get to know your pet’s favourite paths and places by checking its whereabouts in intervals of 1 to 120 minutes. This helps you identify your pet’s routes and hiding places.


Ordering Trackimo® Mini

Includes free-of-charge GPS service for the first year – only $ 5 per month after the first 12 months, the lowest monthly service costs for any tracking device worldwide.

What is in the box:

  • 1 Trackimo 3G Guardian GPS Tracker
  • Worldwide SIM card included
  • 1 battery (integrated)
  • USB charger cable
  • Lanyard
  • Fastening for the animal’s collar


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Characteristics and benefits


Messages via text, email or app if the location of the GPS tracker changes or if pre-set speed limits are exceeded.

Worldwide localisation

Trackimo™ can be localised via the internet or the free-of-charge app wherever there is mobile reception.

SOS button

Whenever the SOS button is pressed, the actual positioning is immediately displayed in the app and sent by email or text message to the pre-registered addresses or numbers.

Data protection

All tracking information contained in the device is protected by a freely selectable password and is accessible via email.

Cost efficiency

Trackimo™ GPS/GSM trackers are equipped with a SIM card. The first year’s subscription is included in the purchase price, after which annual renewals cost … €. There are no additional costs.

Real-time tracking 365/24

Our GPS-GSM trackers always determine the actual position. The complete tracking history can be displayed for 1 year going forward.