Reasons why your multicopter can get lost

With the help of Trackimo® GPS technology, quadrocopters can always be found again - no matter where the wind has taken them. Due to their relatively small size and weight, quadrocopters are easily lost, often forever. The super-light Trackimo® soon pays its way, for example when lost due to



unfavourable wind conditions or storms
radio interference
defective electronics
loss of radio contact
operating errors
poor GPS signal
weak battery


With the Trackimo® GPS tracker, quadrocopters can always be found again, no matter where the wind has taken them.


Start your Trackimo® in just 2 steps



Trackimo® has an integrated SIM card, so that installation is easy and unproblematic.

Step 1 Activate your tracking device by registering it on our website, on iOS or in an Android app.

Step 2 Connect the tracking device with our specially developed multicopter attachment set. Your Trackimo will be active within five minutes and you are assured that your multicopter will never get lost again.


Ordering the Multicopter Bundle

Including free-of-charge GPS service for the first year – only $ 5 per month after the first 12 months, the lowest monthly service costs for any tracking device worldwide

What is in the box:

  • 1 Trackimo® GPS Multicopter Tracking Device
  • 1 worldwide SIM card
  • 1 micro-USB charger cable
  • 2 battery covers, one of which has a belt clip


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Characteristics and benefits


Messages via text, email or app if the location of the GPS tracker changes or if pre-set speed limits are exceeded.

Worldwide localisation

Trackimo™ can be localised via the internet or the free-of-charge app wherever there is mobile reception.

SOS button

Whenever the SOS button is pressed, the actual positioning is immediately displayed in the app and sent by email or text message to the pre-registered addresses or numbers.

Data protection

All tracking information contained in the device is protected by a freely selectable password and is accessible via email.

Cost efficiency

Trackimo™ GPS/GSM trackers are equipped with a SIM card. The first year’s subscription is included in the purchase price, after which annual renewals cost … €. There are no additional costs.

Real-time tracking 365/24

Our GPS-GSM trackers always determine the actual position. The complete tracking history can be displayed for 1 year going forward.